A bit of planning will go a long way to help you get the most out of Freshmes. Here are some steps to optimize your experience:

  1. Prepare your Images
    You'll want to locate and optimize your images before you get started so that you can tell your best visual story.  Once you upload your profile and logo images, those will be set and applied to all of your content. Your most commonly used images will be featured images for your brand page gallery and your posts and events billboard headers. See our image guidelines for an awesome tool that will help you get the best images easily.

  2. Plan your Story
    Freshmes is the place where you can be your true self and combine both your work and life aspects in one place to build a complete picture of what makes you, YOU. Don't be shy or afraid to let your hair down and let your true self shine, because at the end of the day we are a Freshmes! You can always update your brand page from your dashboard.  

  3. Select your Plan
    It's highly important for you to select one of our plans in order to publish your brand page, create content, connect with members, and make money through our affiliate program. We're not here to force you into a paid plan (even though we would highly appreciate it), but rather need you enroll in a Standard (free), Professional, or Lifetime plan in order to unlock features associated with those plans.
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