Your brand page is the epicenter of your existence on Freshmes. This will become your brand between work and life, so make sure to craft it to get the most impact. We've made creating and editing content very easy.

Top Navigation:
Let's start here —familiarize yourself with the top navigation, as this will help you get around.

Create: Easily create content that will be added to your brand page and also distributed throughout Freshmes, including the homepage rotation.

Discover: Access your brand page, members, and networks 

Learn: A constant growing resource of tutorials to teach you everything about Freshmes, future features, and support.

Dashboard: Behind the scenes to analytics, your brand page, affiliate program, connections, content, and settings.

Edit: Click to edit the contents of your brand page. Just fill in the form fields, update and view changes.

Upgrade: This is where you can access the plans page to Upgrade and hopefully not downgrade your plan :) 

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